The value of effective SEO

Posted by Suzy Werry

03 Jun 2014

Are you uncertain about how to achieve effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of a website? Don’t despair, you are not alone! It’s a minefield out there, and virtually everyone in the field claims they have the best solution.

To choose the right company to help optimize your website, a good starting point is to understand the basics of SEO, its value and what makes it work.

SEO is more than just implementing the traditional optimization strategies.

There is a lot of knowledge, tips and tricks available about SEO that you can easily learn and implement yourself. However, if you want to achieve optimal results, hire a professional who is not only good at SEO but also has an excellent understand of business.

What are the key ingredients of effective SEO.

1. Plan wisely
One size does not fit all. Every website is one of a kind in its structure, design, navigation, content and most importantly, its target market. As a result, every website demands unique marketing strategies and plans. In order to determine the best SEO plan for the outcome you want to achieve, allow the SEO professionals to thoroughly review the website and familiarize themselves with your business.

2. Strong communication
Regular and strong communication is a key point in any business relationship. A good professional keeps the client informed of the status, along with providing regular reporting.

3. Search engine friendly structure
Looking at keyword ranking is only one part of SEO; there are many other strategies that need to be implemented in order to achieve success. A first-rate search engine friendly website structure is crucial for the visibility and makes a huge impact on the website’s overall performance. The better the access of your website content is for search engines, the more chances you have to increase your ranking.

4. Focus on business growth
One common mistake that many people make is to only focus on improving search engine rankings. Good SEO focuses on the strategies that will grow the business, e.g. growing a database and boosting sales.

5. Review and re-plan
Various SEO strategies need to be trialed in order to find out what works best. There are no set or pre-defined rules that have to be followed. Good SEO tests, reviews and revises the initial plan continuously, always taking the current situation into account.

To get the most out of your investment, let Swiss Creative help you with all your website and online business requirements, including effective SEO.
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