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06 Apr 2010

What does that phrase actually mean?
We think it means that sometimes in the vibrant world of advertising, you find yourself on sensory overload and you mentally switch off.

The ads that ‘get through’ to you are the ones that quietly and with little fuss, highlight what is important and what you really want to know, without all the hype. They resonate with you and you then connect with the product being advertised.

Sometimes advertisers focus too much on being bigger and brighter than the competition, offering more bonuses or further discounts. Instead, what is needed most of all is plain and simple honesty about the true benefits the business or service offers.

And let’s face it, there had better be some real benefits like quality or excellent customer service because long term that’s what the customer is looking for. The discounted super-duper cheap deal loses its gloss when the product fails to deliver. After a while all the extras in the world can’t hide the fact that your offer isn’t performing.

Sometimes the best way to be noticed is to speak quietly, confidently and with sincerity in a world full of noise and bragging. It’s written somewhere that parents achieve greater success by speaking in a whisper to their children rather than shouting at them, because the kids then strain to hear what is being said and therefore actually listen, instead of switching off. It sounds like a plan!

There’s no reason why the same philosophy won’t work in advertising – as long as the message and execution of the ad isn’t so low key that you miss grabbing the attention of your potential customers. There’s a difference between truth and transparency and downright boring.

Sometimes it can be a fine line but employing professionals to help you develop the best kind of approach for your business is the first step.

If you’re looking for an agency that can help you with clean, honest and understated advertising that cuts through all the noise, then contact us at www.swisscreative.com.au

- the swiss creative team
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