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12 Oct 2010

First impressions count.
Although we are not supposed to ‘judge a book by its cover’, it is impossible to avoid forming an opinion upon a first impression. In marketing and advertising you only get a few seconds in which to capture the consumers’ attention - needless to say it better be a positive one!

What are the key elements for building a successful brand?

1 – Create respect for your brand.
Decide what your company stands for and set a standard, i.e. a clear vision, a compelling mission statement,  your values. Adhere to these religiously in all personal interactions and marketing materials.

2 – Create a visual image that reflects your standards.
Your logo is an important aspect of your brand and should visually portray the above. It can evolve over time but its core look needs to remain consistent. However, a good logo is only the beginning. Just as important, is developing a corporate identity that is recognisable throughout all your marketing material, including the way your premises look and how your staff interact with customers.

3 – Create an emotional connection.
This is crucial, and the most difficult requisite. People’s buying decisions are strongly influenced by emotions. Capitalise on this knowledge and ensure that you emotionalise your brand. This will build consumer loyalty and differentiate you from your competitors.

4 – Invest in expertise.
It is only natural that businesses try to save money by using internal resources or go with what seems to be a cheap deal. But does this get you the results you want? The work time of you and your staff is better spent focusing on your core business. Investing in the expertise of a company like Swiss Creative that specialises in branding, marketing and advertising will save you money in the long run.

Experience the Swiss standard and join us for a complimentary consultation over a cuppa and some delicious Swiss chocolate. 

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