7 magical keys to magnetise your customers

Posted by Suzy Werry

01 Apr 2014

The copywriting attraction factors –
7 magical keys to magnetise your customers
Have you ever thought about what makes customers read your promotional messages, whether it is a simple advertisement, an e-newsletter, printed brochure or web site?

Really, it is not all that magical. You will get a clue if you ask yourself that very question: ‘What makes me read about a company and their products and services?’

Although you might instinctively know what draws you to a particular promotional piece, writing it is a different story! We all can write, but can we write copy that sells?

These 7 keys will give you a helping hand in writing compelling copy that interests the reader and ultimately helps to sell.

Key 1: Know your customers: Invest time to find out how they ‘tick’.

Key 2: It’s all about them, not you! Put yourself in their shoes and view and write from their perspective.

Key 3: Emotionalise your message – use words that evoke feelings.

Key 4: Talk about benefits, not features (remember, it’s all about them, not you).

Key 5: Write in a simple style that can be easily understood, and write it professionally – be absolutely certain that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Key 6: Repeat your key message, expressing it in different ways. Once is usually not enough to ‘get it’.

Key 7: Include a call to action – make sure your customers know what to do for their next step.

Bonus key number 8: If you are not confident enough to write outstanding copy, let a professional copywriter do it for you. You will be amazed what difference this will make. Well written copy, in particular when combined with exceptional design, will attract customers to your business.

At Swiss Creative, this won’t cost you the earth; our copywriting services start from as little as $180.00 + GST for a simple promotional piece. Send us an email outlining your particular copywriting challenge or visit www.swisscreative.com.au for more information on our comprehensive design and advertising services. Under the section ‘Biz Tips’ you will find tips on copywriting and other valuable business information.
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